Ghetto Swing Compilation

London based label Green Queen Music is back on the Electro Swing map with a new Compilation and a Remix Competition. The Compilation called Ghetto Swing, out on 2. Sept., features artists from all over the globe mixing heavy hip hop and dubstep beats with old swing and vintage samples. Find Defunk, Dutty Moonshine, Jamko, Bart & Baker, SStrong and also an previously unreleased track by Sound Nomaden, all on one compilation. This is what the label says about it:

"Ghetto Swing is a new compilation with a fresh take on one of the most exciting new genre of our era, Electro Swing. Whilst keeping to the tradition that meets 1940s and 1950s sampling with 21st century style clubbing, Ghetto Swing introduces the grit and grime of hip hop, reggae and dubstep.

Compiled by London based producer and DJ Dr Cat, the album is a groove-laden mix of the vintage samples and underground music.

Expect a disc that is dance floor heavy, you’ll be dancing to big beats donning top hats, and bow ties, flapper dressers and rouge. Classy, but leaving a dance floor with no choice in the matter of getting hot n sweaty, leaving all sense of decorum at the door."