The Blue Square - Mama feat. Esterina

Athens-based, The Blue Square is a project of Radim and Radical, two producers exploring the boundaries between hip-hop (mainly instrumental), trip-hop and nu-jazz. With Wax Tailor, Bonobo and Flying Lotus among their favorite artists, they started their career six years ago investigating their own sound equally inspired by the atmosphere of film noir, exotica and spy movies of the past. The debut album "The Blue Square" is out now including the beautiful swingy Downbeat track called "Mama" that features vocals of Esterina.


Susheela Raman - Trust In Me (Be Svendsen Edit)

Very nice Edit of Susheela Raman's fantastic cover of Disney's The Jungle Book song "trust In Me" by Be Svendsen.


Weval - Weval

The debut album of the duo Weval, based in Amsterdam is one of the most surprising electronic releases of 2016. These young guys created a great mix of slightly detuned vintage synths, indie vocals and rolling drum beats. To get an impression of their sound you can have a listen to "The Battle" here on soundcloud.


Mammal Hands - Floa

This is an album I listened to on many of my train rides last year. Mammal Hands released their second album "Floa" on Gondwana on 27.05.2016. It is one of these very few wonderful New Jazz releases that perfectly suits my taste. Have a listen and hopefully you'll love it too!


KMLN - Sabilu EP

Another great release on SolSelectas comes from KMLN. My personal favorite version is the Schon Long Remix of the track "Sabilu" with its pumping bassline.

Electro Swing Elite - ESE Compilation 2016

The Electro Swing Elite Compilation enters the third round and I'm happy to be included on this compilation with my track "Locomotive Swing"! 19 exclusive tracks are represented again by 27 different artists released on 25.10.2016 with the Hamburg label "Ton liebt Klang”. The array of artists stretches over the entire globe, almost a cross section of the global Electro Swing scene. Musically, everything is offered by solid Electro Swing, about Neo Swing, till the Swing House. Hereby, every listener, DJ and clubbers, who likes to dance and ensnare themselves by driving beats and snappy melodies can be is happy. Electro swing is more than just music, it's a feeling, an attitude, a provocation and a connection. Just as the Swing of Roaring 20's also has already always been!


Bibio - Why So Serious?

If you know the latest Bibio album called "A Mineral Love" you already know the title track of his new EP called "Why So Serious?". It's a funky tune with a groovy guitar riff and some disco vibes.

Stavroz - Talabout

With their new EP "Talabout" Stavroz take us on a slow ethno afterhour trip. 
This is what the label Laut & Luise says about the release:
"Waking up in the middle of the night, feeling the gentle touch of moss on your bare skin and overwhelmed by the eery yet calming atmosphere of unknown surroundings. A location no one ever goes to, a destination unreachable by common means, but a place blurring the lines between having a dream and a state of mind. Welcome to Talabout.
Stavroz managed to create a wholesome, comforting soundtrack for a place, which no words can describe. Take a rest, lay down, close your eyes and listen to a story told in an orchestral fashion, with such profession and ear for details."


Armen Miran & Hraach - Inevitable Ending

Beautiful track by Armen Miran and Hraach on Sabo's label SolSelectas. The Inevitable Ending EP mixes slow house beats with an deep oriental vibe. The release also features a Remix by the two Slow House producers Viken Arman and Goldcap.



Have alisten to "Speaking Gently" one of the tracks out of the new BADBADNOTGOOD Album called IV. These young guys from Toronto, Canada bring us again some of the freshest Jazz tunes out there.


Matanza - Existencia (Nicola Cruz Remix)

Great Remix by Nicola Cruz of the track "Existenzia" taken from the new album by south american Tribal House project "Matanza".


Oceanvs Orientalis - Garden Of Babylon

What a musical masterpiece by Oceanvs Orientalis! "Garden Of Babylon" is available for free on their soundcloud page. Grab it fast!


Grant Lazlo - Shoeshine Boy's Rag EP

Grant Lazlo, former known as Lazlo released a new EP called "Shoeshine Boy's Rag" including this awesome Vintage Club track named "In The End".  Somehow it reminds me on some of the older Moby tracks that used to be sampling old Gospel and Blues vocals and mix them with Electronic beats. Good work on this one Mr. Grant Lazlo!


Rampue - Adagio For Phoenicopterus

Did you hear about the new Keta Pop and Slow House movement that lately took popped up in a lot of underground clubs and festivals worldwide? No? Today I introduce one of main artists of this scene. Based in Hamburg, Rampue is one of the names that spread their slow tribal house sound from Beirut to Berlin, from Burning Man to Ibiza. Have a listen to his latest track called "Adagio For Phoenicopterus" and you'll know what I'm talking about.


Wintergatan - Marble Machine

Just wow! I saw the guys of Wintergatan at Fusion Festival this year and really liked their very creative and melodic sound. I searched a bit on the web and I found this video of their self build and invented "Marble Machine". It is incredible!



GoGo Penguin - Man Made Object

With their second album "Man Made Object" GoGo Penguin are back with a great fusion of Jazz and Breakbeat. Check out this brilliant live Trio from Manchester, UK if you like some fresh New Jazz music with an unbeatable rhythm section. I love this track called "Unskeakable World".


Nese Karabocek - Yali Yali (Todd Terje Edit)

Howdy folks, today I want to recommend you to check out this great Edit from Todd Terje that I found on soundcloud. He transforms Nese Karabocek's original "Yali Yali" into an awesome Club Remix.


Nova Lima - Planetario Remix EP

I recently found this nice Club Remix from Jose Marquez included on Nova Lima's latest Remix EP. If you like some Afro Cuban Club sounds, you surely should check out this dancefloor tune. "After the success of their latest album, Planetario, Afro-Peruvian outfit Novalima returns to Wonderwheel with a digi-EP of four deep remixes for the dancefloor from California's Jose Marquez (Tribe Records) along , NYC's Chris Annibell (Afrokinetic), South Africa's Aero Manyelo, and Italy's Gigi Di Martino."


Seth Schwarz & Be Svendsen - The Bar Tender

Seth Schwarz and Be Svendsen collaborate on this beautiful track called "The Bar Tender" to create a smooth and dreamy atmosphere. Live strings and field recordings meet a killer groove to help create one of the summer anthems of Burning Man.

Hraach - Dle Yaman

Hraach is an Armenian born producer currently living in Spain. With this deep Remix of “Dle Yaman” he gained big support from the global Club scene. For a very good reason!


Viken Arman - Rosas (NU Remix)

NU based in Berlin made this amazing Remix of Viken Arman's track "Rosas". It is included in his latest EP called Rosas/Terra released on Platon Records.