The Correspondents - What's Happened To Soho?

Here's the new EP of London based DJ/MC duo, The Correspondents. "What's Happened To Soho?" is the first release of this british Electro Swing and Live Cabaret artists Mr Bruce and Chucks, that already played loads of gigs in the UK. Now they are coming to germany as well. So, it's time to have a listen to this eclectic sound of The Correspondents!


Matanza - Apolinar EP

Another EP is coming this week to you from South America. Matanza takes you to the Andes were the Shamans prepare themselves to the big changes that are about to come. Have an idea how it sounds when Deep House Beats meet Andean Flutes? Here it is...and this is what they say about the story behind:

"Apolinar is the story of an Indian Shaman who is initiated by a spirit of the sacred lake,
he passes through many mystical experiences and learns the real meaning of plants and ancient medication."

This EP includes two awesome remixes by Daniel Klauser + Hat and Hoodie. You can download it for free here:

Matanza - Apolinar EP