Matanza - Existencia (Nicola Cruz Remix)

Great Remix by Nicola Cruz of the track "Existenzia" taken from the new album by south american Tribal House project "Matanza".


Oceanvs Orientalis - Garden Of Babylon

What a musical masterpiece by Oceanvs Orientalis! "Garden Of Babylon" is available for free on their soundcloud page. Grab it fast!


Grant Lazlo - Shoeshine Boy's Rag EP

Grant Lazlo, former known as Lazlo released a new EP called "Shoeshine Boy's Rag" including this awesome Vintage Club track named "In The End".  Somehow it reminds me on some of the older Moby tracks that used to be sampling old Gospel and Blues vocals and mix them with Electronic beats. Good work on this one Mr. Grant Lazlo!


Rampue - Adagio For Phoenicopterus

Did you hear about the new Keta Pop and Slow House movement that lately took popped up in a lot of underground clubs and festivals worldwide? No? Today I introduce one of main artists of this scene. Based in Hamburg, Rampue is one of the names that spread their slow tribal house sound from Beirut to Berlin, from Burning Man to Ibiza. Have a listen to his latest track called "Adagio For Phoenicopterus" and you'll know what I'm talking about.