Restless Leg Syndrome - Swapping Swingers EP

Hey Ho Swingers. Last week I got an email about this release by Restless Leg Syndrome from Austria. I've never heard about these guys before, so I didn't pay too much attention to the email. Lucky me that I checked it again, because it's a really good debut for the project. Imagine the fusion of Breaks, Hip Hop and old vintage Swing flipped for the dancefloor. The digital EP with 6 tunes is available for free (or for as much you think it's worth) on bandcamp and I'm shure to put any track in one of my next sets. There's also limited pressing of vinyl for all the DJ's out there so be quick and have a listen ;-)


Stereo Express - Shadoorack/Bootaleeza EP

Stereo Express, producer based in Ghent, Belgium just released his new EP called The Shadoorack / Bootaleeza on Atmosphere Records. It is a both digital and vinyl release influenced by swing music from the 30’s. Stereo Express, known for his fusion of Minimal House with Jazz, Balkan and Motown has done great work on this one so check it out on soundcloud. Included on the EP are remixes by Dan Caster and Arts & Leni.