BLNRB - Welcome To The Madhouse

Today I introduce to you an interesting music project from Berlin and Nairobi. This is what they say about BLNRB: "Something happened during those long nights in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. Something new. It was a meeting of two aesthetics, two club music genres; in some way two continents. Three highly acclaimed bands from the world-renowned Berlin electronic music scene travelled to Nairobi, Kenya: Modeselektor a hyperactive breakbeat-duo, curious electronic producers Gebrüder Teichmann and Jahcoozi, the multicultural Star trio composed of Dubstep, Grime Rave and hyper-sonic Electronica. The goal was to find out what happens if one attempts to fuse the club cultures of two capitals in different parts oft he world. The name of the project became BLNRB, a fusion of the street-level abbreviations of the two cities involved. The international electro clubmusic scene has become all about the latest styles and sounds treated with the newest digital technology; ingredients are hard to find in Africa. BLNRB bridges this gap and opens a path into a new global clubsound. This is not about randomly sampling „African music“, this is about digging deep into the local Nairobi musicscene and building a new sound together with some awesome talents from the next generation of African musicians. The experience in Nairobi changed everyone involved and the results touch musicfans in both worlds: club audiences in Berlin and in Nairobi."