DJ Farrapo & JazzDog feat. Cico - 69 times and then one more

On his new EP, DJ Farrapo based in Italy has worked together with JazzDog.
"DJ and Jazzman meet, merging their musical journey in a project with roots in Congo Square, the birthplace of jazz in New Orleans. It's the language of the new millennium : funk, African rhythms, echoes of brass bands, hybrid songs and voices, electronics and virtuoso jazz.
Check this out if you like Breakbeats, Swing and heavy Vintage flavour!


Sound Nomaden - Madame

I'm more than happy to introduce to you my first album called "Madame".
The eleven tracks on the album combine influences of Swing, Jazz, Folk, Ska and even Classical Music with an up tempo club vibe.</div>
Beside MSP my partner in crime, well known through his expressive live saxophone performances, I worked together with numerous guest musicians including Anja Kreysing, Das.Schliep, Cab Canavaral and Martin Knott. As the consequence the album defines a new generation of electronic music where powerful synthesizer and heavy club beats fuse with acoustic instruments like accordion, piano, trumpet, violin, tuba, guitar, saxophone and clarinet.
You can have a listen to the tracks on bandcamp and if you like to support me and my music you can purchase digital or limited CD version over there as well. Limited Edition of 500 vinyl copies will be available in early 2015 as well.


Solo Moderna and The Hepcatchers - Hoop E Kack EP

The Kacksters EP is based on a cooperation between Solo Moderna and The Hep Catchers who met on a Circus Hoppa show at Paradiso Amsterdam, The Netherlands.This EP reveals it's new direction on The Kacksters EP with 5 versions of the track Hoop E Kack ranging from electroswing to folkstep to some faster breakbeats. The antique Hoop E kack happens to be a tune witch never leaves the head! It is a perfect question and answer between banjo and piano, the hileric laughing saxlines and catchy melancholic female vocal improvisations makes it all comes together! All remixes and original are dancefloor ready made by remixers like Mondo Cane from Italy, Sound Nomaden from Germany and the faster breakbeat party by Rees K.A.K. Hope you have a nice listening!


The WooHoo Revue - Remixed Vol.1

For the next release we are going worldwide with a remix EP of the energetic gypsy swing band WooHoo Revue. Hailing from Melbourne Australia, The WooHoo Revue are a sextet of amazingly talented musicians consisting of strings, horns & drums. They have forged their reputation throughout Australia as a festival favourite with their signature sound and an adrenaline-fuelled celebration fit for dancing, drinking, and ignoring tomorrow. The EP is a selection of remixes of The WooHoo Revue tracks, ranging in style from Gypsy House to Glitch Hop to Breaks to Minimal, all dancefloor ready.  Listen to the remixes here: