Minimatic - "Practise Your Swing!"

Today I would like to introduce to you the new EP by french based producer Minimatic. "Practise Your Swing!" is his first full electro swing/blues release, featuring 5 shaking electro-swing-hop-blues tracks, taking some past & forgotten gems from the swing era to a new level of electricity !
Official release date is 29th June but you can already have a listen to the previews on soundcloud now.


Kočani FUNKolektiv - Dirty and Ugly - Balkan Vision & Mashina Remixes

Last but not least, I want to let you know about a new Balkan Beats release from Berlin. BalkanVision & Mashina had the honor to remix the Kolektiv from this little town in Macedonia, where many of the best brass players originate. Kocani FUNKolektiv is some of the younger musicians from the widely known Kocani Orchestar, who decided to form a new group to make more contemporary music. This is how they came to work with musicians from other genres to enrich their melodic brass with elements including turntables or beatboxing. There's no-one better to remix such a troupe then BalkanVision & Mashina, who also bust out of straightjacketed styles to mix it up and create something new. Enjoy !

Jamie Berry - Out Of My Mind

And another Swing House banger from the UK is coming from Jamie Berry, based in Leeds. His EP is called "Out Of My Mind" and combines the big band swing of the 30's with the club beats of today. Big recommendation for this one!

GOT K.D.S feat. CRYSTAL DISTORTION - SWANG! (Shake That Thing)

Here we go with one of the swingin' summer tracks for 2012. SWANG! (Shake That Thing) from GOT K.D.S feat. CRYSTAL DISTORTION is a dancefloor track per excellence. This is what the label Freshly Squeezed says about the release: "The record has all the feel-good hallmarks of a wicked electro swing cut but with the tight fat production of a house banger and the instantaneous immediacy of the best kind of pop." We'll see, if it hits the festivals and clubs of the world this summer. I'll definitely give it a spin ;-)