The National Fanfare of Kadebostany - Songs from Kadebostany

Today something very special for your ears.

The National Fanfare of Kadebostany is the breathtaking outcome of electronic music genius Kadebostan's encounter with Belorussian acoustic chamber ensemble Rational Diet. Under the spell of their common love for discovering new ways of expression, they decided to create...a new country. Yes, a new country: Kadebostany! Entrusted with the mission of creating culture for this new land, The Fanfare enlisted the help of talented street musicians from neighboring countries to create a unique piece of music, an organically concocted mix of genres, influences and emotions tightly wrapped in an album with no frontiers.

The musical map of Kadebostany reads like a blueprint for non-electronic techno: hard-hitting yet welcoming like a village feast, cutting-edge yet simple like a long-anticipated hug. Violin, cello, piano, accordion, saxophone, bassoon, guitar, banjo, electronics, and the list goes on, there's no limit in this country!

Get the track "Kazak Rules" for free on soundcloud and have a listen to the album teaser because this is a crazy sound!


Nitin Sawhney - Last Days of Meaning - Remixes

I hope everybody knows Nitin Sawhney? In my opinion he is one of the greatest producers within the fusion of global sounds. His new album "Last Days Of Meaning" is out since june. It is not as experimental as his older releases and lesser influenced by electronic music but digging deeper into folk, soul and pop music. Nevertheless there are again some beautiful tracks and collaborations on this album, that will be definitely the right choice for a cold winter day, I believe.
For everybody who needs some more beats, there are some remixes on nitin's soundcloud page, including some dupstep and experimental electronica interpretations. These are available for free!


Adham Shaikh - Carpet Breaker (Sound Nomaden Remix)

In this week I finally opened the download button for my Remix of Adham Shaikh's - Carpet Breaker. So many of you guys gave a great response on this tune in the past months, so now it's time to get it out in the clubs and on your headphones ;-) Enjoy this Gypsy Swing!!! If you like it, please like my page on facebook or make a comment on soundcloud.


Cumbia Cosmonauts - Vostok-1 EP

Do you like Space Cumbia? Never heart about that sound before? Ok, check out this new release by the Cumbia Cosmonauts, based in Melbourne, Australia. "Vostok-1" is a three track EP full of Akkordeon riffs and Cumbia grooves fused with Dub and Electronica. Something special for the open minded listener "futuristic folk music"!