3 Years Of What! What!

Today I want to celebrate with you the third anniversary of What! What! Records, from germany. These guys are releasing House music with influences of Jazz, Folk and a Funky touch since the beginning. Now they put out a compilation with some of their artists, like Monkey Safari, El Doko, James Copeland and many more. I really like the Laufmasche Remix of the balkanbeats combo Bakad Kapelye. Some good tunes on it, so it's worth to have a listen.


Algo Rythmik - Morphism

Who the f*** is Algo Rythmik? It's the freshest output of the booming french Electroswing scene. The guys are based in Lyon and are already well known in the scene through their first EP called "Show Breaks". Algo Rythmik produce a mixture of old Swing samples, Hip Hop Turntablelism, Breakbeats and deep Dubstep basslines. The debut "morphism" will be out in stores september 12th. Listen to the teaser on soundcloud already now and grap the free download "Circus World".


Fat Freddy's Drop - Shiverman Remixes

Today I have some freebies from Fat Freddy's Drop, New Zealand. These guys give away some fresh Remixes of the track "Shiverman" from their last full length album "Dr. Boondigga and the Big BW". If you like House music and FFD, check this tunes out.