Scoured Cream Vol. 2

Today I recommend you some Ghetto Funk and Heavy Blues released by Scour Records. I listened to this preview by Waggles this mornin' and it got me right from the first moment!


Kaligola Disco Bazar - Remixed

Hola muchachos, today I got this in my mailbox: Kaligola Disco Bazar - Remixed. Good reason to write on my blog again! Kaligola Disco Bazar means italo balkan flavour gets manipulated with the aid of electronic beats, synthetizers and a good dose of creativty. What comes out is a wide range of sonorities, some more dancefloor oriented, others more refined and suitable for a mind-blowing experience. This new album includes remixes by international producers from the balkan beats and world beats scene, such as Dj Stanbul, Økapi, Frohlocker, Solo Moderna, Café de Calaveras, Parlee-vu Gipsy?, Lazarus Sound System and Mondo Cane. The album is released under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License and it's available for free!!!