Skeewiff - Ghetto Latin

Howdy guys, here is the freshest release by UK funky breaks "legend" Skeewiff. Lately Alex Rizzo the man behind the scenes has dedicated himself to Remix a lot of old vintage genres and styles fom all around the globe. His latest album is called "Ghetto Latin" and this is what he says about it:
".. born from a love of all things latin & Dance. It is a Skee-Journey through the archives... from the 18th Century Waltz, 19th Century Polka, Rumbas, Tangos, Bossas and Sambas. If it has historically got butts shaking... we’re all over it."
Check it out if you like heavy basslines, funky breaks, cumbia riddims and latin vibes!

Restless Leg Syndrome - Dabkeh

Hey folks, today I want to introduce to you the "Restless Leg Syndrome" based in Austria. Their brand new EP called "Dabkeh" is a great mixture of Breaks and Scratches combined with arabian percussions and samples from traditional mediterranean music. The concept behind the joint-venture consisting of d.b.h and the two turntable wizards Chrisfader and Testa is quite simple: Take a specific genre of music, sample and flip it into danceable beats. In the case of their second EP, named after a popular Mediterranean form of line-dancing, the subject of the musical explorations is the Arab world. The three guys from RLS spent quite some time mining old vinyl or cassettes to create the tracks on this EP, in the hopes of getting some wild Dabkeh moves started on dancefloors worldwide!


Riva Starr - Hand In Hand

Howdy folks, today I would like to recommend you the new Riva Starr album called "Hand In Hand".
I was surprised in a positive way when I had a listen to the new tracks of Riva Starr a few weeks ago because I didn't expect such a variety of sounds, influences and beats. Riva Starr, most famous for his  House DJ-Sets all around the world in the past years, shows that he is far more than this.
He managed to fuse influences of tango, surf pop, indie electronica, ska, downtempo and trip hop all in one album. Guest appearances of Vinicio Capossela, Roots Manuva, Rssll and Horace Andy make this one definitely one of the must hear albums of 2013 for me.


The Electric Swing Circus - The Electric Swing Circus LP

Hey everybody, I'm back with some news from the UK Electro Swing scene.The Electric Swing Circus has finally released their debut album on Ragtime Records and it's a wonderful piece of music!  Original foot stomping Electro Swing from out of the UK, this album mixes early 20th century samples with live vocals, bass, guitar, drums and brass. The album captures the true energy of the band's live show, seamlessly binding together vintage styles with 21st century sounds and electronic synths. This has seen them take the scene by storm, including many international and festival bookings, as well as headlining a number of club events across the UK.  Listen to their track Minnie here.


Ghetto Swing Compilation

London based label Green Queen Music is back on the Electro Swing map with a new Compilation and a Remix Competition. The Compilation called Ghetto Swing, out on 2. Sept., features artists from all over the globe mixing heavy hip hop and dubstep beats with old swing and vintage samples. Find Defunk, Dutty Moonshine, Jamko, Bart & Baker, SStrong and also an previously unreleased track by Sound Nomaden, all on one compilation. This is what the label says about it:

"Ghetto Swing is a new compilation with a fresh take on one of the most exciting new genre of our era, Electro Swing. Whilst keeping to the tradition that meets 1940s and 1950s sampling with 21st century style clubbing, Ghetto Swing introduces the grit and grime of hip hop, reggae and dubstep.

Compiled by London based producer and DJ Dr Cat, the album is a groove-laden mix of the vintage samples and underground music.

Expect a disc that is dance floor heavy, you’ll be dancing to big beats donning top hats, and bow ties, flapper dressers and rouge. Classy, but leaving a dance floor with no choice in the matter of getting hot n sweaty, leaving all sense of decorum at the door."


Speakeasy Electroswing Compilation Vol. 1

Today I'm happy to introduce to you the first Electro Swing Compilation coming out of North America. DJ Eliazar, part of the Speakeasy Electroswing crew has compiled a great album featuring a big bunch of international artists out of the underground E- Swing scene, like Skeewiff, [dunkelbunt], Minimatic, Incontrol, Smokey Joe and the Kid, Defunk and what makes me pretty happy Sound Nomaden. It's also the first Compilation which includes a lot of Swing Hop tracks, making this one definitely a very special selection. Go and grab the whole compilation for free on bandcamp now!



Scoured Cream Vol. 2

Today I recommend you some Ghetto Funk and Heavy Blues released by Scour Records. I listened to this preview by Waggles this mornin' and it got me right from the first moment!


Kaligola Disco Bazar - Remixed

Hola muchachos, today I got this in my mailbox: Kaligola Disco Bazar - Remixed. Good reason to write on my blog again! Kaligola Disco Bazar means italo balkan flavour gets manipulated with the aid of electronic beats, synthetizers and a good dose of creativty. What comes out is a wide range of sonorities, some more dancefloor oriented, others more refined and suitable for a mind-blowing experience. This new album includes remixes by international producers from the balkan beats and world beats scene, such as Dj Stanbul, Økapi, Frohlocker, Solo Moderna, Café de Calaveras, Parlee-vu Gipsy?, Lazarus Sound System and Mondo Cane. The album is released under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License and it's available for free!!!


Buonasera Signorina

I'm very happy to present you this fresh compilation selected by Pony Montana, wich will be out on 3 march 2013 on London based label Green Queen Music. It is full of rare Electro Swing tracks directly produced for the Club and is featuring artists like Deladap!, Odjbox, James Copeland, Grant Lazlo, Dr. Cat & DJ Pony, Cab Canavaral and Skeewiff as well as a previously unreleased tune by myself. Finally I get my track "Akkordeon Hipsters" out to the world, so grab it and play it out loud ;-)

Electro Blues - Vol. 1

Hey folks. Today I introduce to you the first compilation fusing Blues and Electro. Brighton based label Freshly Squeezed, wich already had an big impact on the worldwide Electro Swing scene over the last years with their White Mink Series, now created a new phenomenon called "Electro Blues". The double album features tracks by artists like Skeewiff, Swing Republic, Moby, Stereo Express and many more presenting vintage Blues and fresh interpretations for the modern Club. It will be out on 25.02.13. Here you can listen to the preview already!


Savages y Suefo - Worldstyle

After two succesful EPs and a big dose of remixes Savages y Suefo finally released their debut album! The two members of Savages Y Suefo came from the same eclectic music scene of Budapest. They play downtempo, breaks, jazz, funk, hip-hop, dub, electro swing and all kinds of multikulti-folk in their dj sets and they incorporate the same variety in their own music as well. "Worldstyle" is a colourful, emotional trip inspired by bands like United Future Organization, Up, Bustle & Out, Karminsky Experience, or Thievery Corporation. Have a listen and watch out for their DJ-Sets as well, maybe you can catch them on their upcoming Tour.