Zigan Aldi - India

I really like the latest release on 3000Grad from Berlin based Club veteran Zigan Aldi. Here is what the label says about the "India" EP.

 "How does it sound like when heaven and earth become one in the golden light of the morning? If you wanna find out, have a listen to the India EP. Zigan Aldi delivers two dance tracks of truly epic dimensions. According to an old legend, Nemrut was a king who made peace between heaven and earth. That's why a mountain in Turkey is named after him – and now also a piece of dance music. This piece of music is like the soundtrack for a climb up that mountain: It's a steady rise, opening ever new perspectives on the surrounding soundscape, while at the same time the listener is overcome by an ever growing feeling of harmony. Orha Broka on the other hand is Hebrew and translates to the light of the morning. This track blends enraptured chants and a subliminal psychedelic vibe into highly functional groove. Of course there's remixes, as well. For his Nemrut Remix, Mollono.Bass introduces a subliminal feeling of World Music by adding the sound of a sitar. Umami delivers a remix of Orha Broka that puts a little less emphasis on melody and a little more emphasis on rhythm."


Nico Stojan - Twisted Manners

Nico Stojan's debut album is a great piece of electronic music that combines deep after hour beats with smooth jazzy vibes. This is how the label describes Nico Stojan's album: "For more than a thousand days and nights, Nico Stojan tapped away at what is now before us as ‘Twisted Manners’ - his debut album telling stories in sound that are both electronic in nature and human in touch. Each organic sounding track on the release, including their neighbouring interludes, graze on the moments, people and cultures which have encompassed the albums journey and brought it forward to what it is today. Twisted Manners is a clean example of this - house music whose soft open spaces and gentle beats sway easily through analog sounds coming from string quartets, saxophonists and double bass players to name a few. These collaborations and Stojan’s guiding ear will walk you right into the dreamy spaces and faraway places of his travels without you breaking a sweat."


Khruangbin - The Universe Smiles Upon You

Taken from Khruangbin's debut album "The Universe Smiles Upon You" released on 6th November 2015, the track "People Everywhere (Still Alive)" sounds like a jam session of 1960's Thai funk. Their smooth sound is steeped in the bass heavy, psychedelic sound of their inspiration, Tarantino soundtracks and surf-rock coolness. The Texan trio is formed of Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald “DJ” Johnson on drums.


St Germain - St Germain

After a break of many years Ludovic Navarre alias St Germain released his new album on 9 October 2015. The artist well known from the New Jazz scene takes a new path and creates a great fusion of Desert Blues and Electronic Downbeats. I recommend to have a listen to the tracks "Real Blues" and "Sittin' Here" that capture the desert vibe in its very best way!


Chancha Via Circuito - Sueño En Paraguay (El Búho Remix)

After the release of Amansara, the third LP from Argentinian neo-folklore producer and one of the leaders of the new Latin electronic sound, Chancha Via Circuito returns with Amansara Remixed, featuring brand new and inventive re-imaginings of the tracks from the albums artists hand selected by Chancha from Latin America and beyond. Artists include Frikstailers, Thornato, Tremor, Maga Bo, King Coya, Psilosamples, El Búho, El Remolón Nicola Cruz, Rafael Aragon, Blocktreat, Prisma, Reptilian Commander, Barrio Lindo, Sidirum and Chancha himself, under his previous alias "Universildo". The result of this selection is a powerful and experimental album where the unique sounds of Chancha dare to travel to new latitudes, catalyzed by the wide ranging vision of the remixers. I really recommend this Remix by El Buho with his dreamy atmosphere and slow tribal rythm.


Sound Nomaden - Swing It (feat. Rosantique & MSP)

Hi Swingers, I am very happy to present you my new single called "Swing It". This time I joined forces with MSP on saxophone and the italian jazz singer and queen of Electro Swing Rosantique. Be prepared for powerful Electro Swing track, that combines eclectic Swing and Jazz elements with House and Electro Beats.


Dj Mibor - Crazy World

Very nice and groovin' Swing House track by DJ Mibor called "Crazy World" included in his latest EP called "Orange Juice".


Sound Nomaden - Madame Remixes

After the successful release of the Sound Nomaden debut album "Madame", Nu Bohème Recordings are very happy to announce the next release with the "Madame Remixes" EP. It is a great pleasure to present you 6 international Remixers from Spain, Serbia, France, UK, USA and Germany that mix the original album tracks in their very own special styles.

The Gentleman Callers of LA give Sound Nomaden's most famous track "The Trumpet" the unique Gentleman's Electro House treat. Based in Los Angeles, the two producers are on the forefront of the US Electro Swing scene. With his orchestral Remix of the track "Madame", Johnny Lectro from Germany manages to transform the original into a powerful Deep House anthem. French producer and founder of electro-swing.com Incontrol chooses "Tear Of Joy" to highlight the vocals and create a great Garage House Remix while Nikola Vujicic based in Serbia is giving the same original track his very powerful and rhythmic Swing House twist. Charlie Beale with his roots in the UK Electro Blues scene recorded some nice guitar lines and retro synth sounds to remix "Madame" in his special vintage style. Last but not least Miret with his background in Barcelona's Global Bass scene is taking "Accordeon Hipsters" on a dubby trip with heavy basslines.


incontrol & Wolfgang Lohr - Charleston

Today I want to introduce to you "Charleston" one of the two tracks of the new EP by incontroL & Wolfgang Lohr. Two popular tunes, Charleston and Ain't she sweet were once recorded by a professional jazz band (Wolfgang Lohr himself plays the trumpet on this recording session). The duo found the forgotten tapes and brought some life into it producing with no doubt two tracks everybody is gonna love on Electro Swing dancefloors from Portland to Tokyo!


BADBADNOTGOOD - Kaleidoscope (Kaytranada's Flip)

Oh yes, check out this epic Kaytranada Remix of the BADBADNOTGOOD track "Kaleidoscope".
Finest Hip Hop beats meet modern Jazz vibes!