Restless Leg Syndrome - Swapping Swingers EP

Hey Ho Swingers. Last week I got an email about this release by Restless Leg Syndrome from Austria. I've never heard about these guys before, so I didn't pay too much attention to the email. Lucky me that I checked it again, because it's a really good debut for the project. Imagine the fusion of Breaks, Hip Hop and old vintage Swing flipped for the dancefloor. The digital EP with 6 tunes is available for free (or for as much you think it's worth) on bandcamp and I'm shure to put any track in one of my next sets. There's also limited pressing of vinyl for all the DJ's out there so be quick and have a listen ;-)


Stereo Express - Shadoorack/Bootaleeza EP

Stereo Express, producer based in Ghent, Belgium just released his new EP called The Shadoorack / Bootaleeza on Atmosphere Records. It is a both digital and vinyl release influenced by swing music from the 30’s. Stereo Express, known for his fusion of Minimal House with Jazz, Balkan and Motown has done great work on this one so check it out on soundcloud. Included on the EP are remixes by Dan Caster and Arts & Leni.


JFB - What Goes Around EP

What are the two sounds that make people go crazy in the UK right now? I guess it's Dubstep and Electro Swing... JFB's new EP is the combination of both. Big dirty basslines meet happy swing music. Nothing more to say, just a big sound!


Dubmatix presents Clash Of The Titans – The System Shakedown Remixes

Here's a brand new release for all the Dubheads out there! Dubmatix, a fresh Dub- and Reggaeartist based in Toronto is throwing out a big journey of remixes from some of the world’s most talented producers. “Dubmatix presents Clash Of The Titans – The System Shakedown Remixes” features an awesome line-up including: G.Corp (Groove Corporation), Zion Train, Aldubb, Dubvisionist, TVS, Mungo's HiFi, Marcus Visionary, LionDub, Webcam Hi-Fi, Victor Rice, Vibronics, Subatomic Soundsystem and Nate Wize. Dubmatix contributed an alternate version of the Dennis Alcapone track “Struggle”. The double Vinyl/CD release is showing all facetes of & dub influenced music, ranging from roots dub to jungle, more experimental stuff like dubstep and future dub. Dub has always been open for new styles and ideas so check out this global dub journey brought to you by Dubmatix!


LaBrassBanda feat. Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah Marienkäfer

Woo Hah!!! Today I explored a really crazy Mashup from LaBrassBanda feat. Busta Rhymes. The Original from the bavarian Ensemble is picked from the CD "habediehre". The new Remix will be out on november 4th (also as Vinyl Maxi-Single). Have a listen, this is soooo funny!


Incontrol - Baton Rouge & Kick Ass Swing

Incontrol, is one of France’s Electro Swing pioneers. The DJ, producer and blogger is the founder of the world’s 1st electroswing website www.electro-swing.com, an oracle or knowledge for the increasing number of electroswing fans globally.

Incontrol organises Electro Swing Cabaret parties in Lyon and Toulouse with the Bebop Swing collective and regularly showcases the Rétro Chic Electro Swing Jazzy Sound at clubs, festivals & parties all over Europe. Now he has released his first two tracks on bandcamp. Focussing on his love for Swing and House music, he has produced two great club bangers. Have a listen!

Electro Swing IV by Bart & Baker

The Electro Swing scene is growing faster and faster and more and more new projects and bands are forming, to put the sound of the 20's into the music of the 21. century. The Electro Swing compilation is always one of the first mediums to get in touch with these new artists. Next month number 4 of the legendary series will be out. This time it's mixed by Paris based DJ duo Bart & Baker, wich again composed a new and fresh view into the wide scene. We find well known artists like, Tape Five, Parov Stelar and Swing Republic but also some new names like Hot Steppa, Lazlo, Nuno Endo and Zoowax. Check out some of the tracks included on the CD here!


The Electro Swing Revolution Vol. 2

"Electro Swing" is booming at a terrific speed! New Electro Swing titles are released worldwide each week. The Electro Swing Revolution is in full spate with no end in sight. The Swing Groove conquered the club sound of today. The new double CD "The Electro Swing Revolution Vol 2" features the freshest artists of this young scene including tracks by Bart & Baker, AlgoRythmik, Andrej Hermlin and his Swing Dance Orchestra, Minimatic, Savages Y Suefo, !Movits and Electronic Swing Orchestra. I'm happy that you can find also the unreleased Sound Nomaden track "The Trumpet" on this great compilation compiled by Gülbahar Kültür and Johannes Heretsch. The release will be out from oktober 8th in all digital stores and on cd. There will also be Record Release Partys in Berlin (20.10. SO36), Bremen (01.10. Schlachthof) and Münster (28.10. Gleis22) with lots of artists involved in the Electro Swing Revolution. Come on and be a part of it as well!!!


Schlachthofbronx - Carimbo EP

Another banging EP on Man Recordings. Carimbo by Schlachthofbronx brings a mixture of Cumbia, 8-Bit and Favela Funk spiced with some heavy bass music. Free download of the track Coolie Fruit on soundcloud.


The National Fanfare of Kadebostany - Songs from Kadebostany

Today something very special for your ears.

The National Fanfare of Kadebostany is the breathtaking outcome of electronic music genius Kadebostan's encounter with Belorussian acoustic chamber ensemble Rational Diet. Under the spell of their common love for discovering new ways of expression, they decided to create...a new country. Yes, a new country: Kadebostany! Entrusted with the mission of creating culture for this new land, The Fanfare enlisted the help of talented street musicians from neighboring countries to create a unique piece of music, an organically concocted mix of genres, influences and emotions tightly wrapped in an album with no frontiers.

The musical map of Kadebostany reads like a blueprint for non-electronic techno: hard-hitting yet welcoming like a village feast, cutting-edge yet simple like a long-anticipated hug. Violin, cello, piano, accordion, saxophone, bassoon, guitar, banjo, electronics, and the list goes on, there's no limit in this country!

Get the track "Kazak Rules" for free on soundcloud and have a listen to the album teaser because this is a crazy sound!


Nitin Sawhney - Last Days of Meaning - Remixes

I hope everybody knows Nitin Sawhney? In my opinion he is one of the greatest producers within the fusion of global sounds. His new album "Last Days Of Meaning" is out since june. It is not as experimental as his older releases and lesser influenced by electronic music but digging deeper into folk, soul and pop music. Nevertheless there are again some beautiful tracks and collaborations on this album, that will be definitely the right choice for a cold winter day, I believe.
For everybody who needs some more beats, there are some remixes on nitin's soundcloud page, including some dupstep and experimental electronica interpretations. These are available for free!


Adham Shaikh - Carpet Breaker (Sound Nomaden Remix)

In this week I finally opened the download button for my Remix of Adham Shaikh's - Carpet Breaker. So many of you guys gave a great response on this tune in the past months, so now it's time to get it out in the clubs and on your headphones ;-) Enjoy this Gypsy Swing!!! If you like it, please like my page on facebook or make a comment on soundcloud.


Cumbia Cosmonauts - Vostok-1 EP

Do you like Space Cumbia? Never heart about that sound before? Ok, check out this new release by the Cumbia Cosmonauts, based in Melbourne, Australia. "Vostok-1" is a three track EP full of Akkordeon riffs and Cumbia grooves fused with Dub and Electronica. Something special for the open minded listener "futuristic folk music"!


3 Years Of What! What!

Today I want to celebrate with you the third anniversary of What! What! Records, from germany. These guys are releasing House music with influences of Jazz, Folk and a Funky touch since the beginning. Now they put out a compilation with some of their artists, like Monkey Safari, El Doko, James Copeland and many more. I really like the Laufmasche Remix of the balkanbeats combo Bakad Kapelye. Some good tunes on it, so it's worth to have a listen.


Algo Rythmik - Morphism

Who the f*** is Algo Rythmik? It's the freshest output of the booming french Electroswing scene. The guys are based in Lyon and are already well known in the scene through their first EP called "Show Breaks". Algo Rythmik produce a mixture of old Swing samples, Hip Hop Turntablelism, Breakbeats and deep Dubstep basslines. The debut "morphism" will be out in stores september 12th. Listen to the teaser on soundcloud already now and grap the free download "Circus World".


Fat Freddy's Drop - Shiverman Remixes

Today I have some freebies from Fat Freddy's Drop, New Zealand. These guys give away some fresh Remixes of the track "Shiverman" from their last full length album "Dr. Boondigga and the Big BW". If you like House music and FFD, check this tunes out.


BLNRB - Welcome To The Madhouse

Today I introduce to you an interesting music project from Berlin and Nairobi. This is what they say about BLNRB: "Something happened during those long nights in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. Something new. It was a meeting of two aesthetics, two club music genres; in some way two continents. Three highly acclaimed bands from the world-renowned Berlin electronic music scene travelled to Nairobi, Kenya: Modeselektor a hyperactive breakbeat-duo, curious electronic producers Gebrüder Teichmann and Jahcoozi, the multicultural Star trio composed of Dubstep, Grime Rave and hyper-sonic Electronica. The goal was to find out what happens if one attempts to fuse the club cultures of two capitals in different parts oft he world. The name of the project became BLNRB, a fusion of the street-level abbreviations of the two cities involved. The international electro clubmusic scene has become all about the latest styles and sounds treated with the newest digital technology; ingredients are hard to find in Africa. BLNRB bridges this gap and opens a path into a new global clubsound. This is not about randomly sampling „African music“, this is about digging deep into the local Nairobi musicscene and building a new sound together with some awesome talents from the next generation of African musicians. The experience in Nairobi changed everyone involved and the results touch musicfans in both worlds: club audiences in Berlin and in Nairobi."


The Correspondents - What's Happened To Soho?

Here's the new EP of London based DJ/MC duo, The Correspondents. "What's Happened To Soho?" is the first release of this british Electro Swing and Live Cabaret artists Mr Bruce and Chucks, that already played loads of gigs in the UK. Now they are coming to germany as well. So, it's time to have a listen to this eclectic sound of The Correspondents!


Matanza - Apolinar EP

Another EP is coming this week to you from South America. Matanza takes you to the Andes were the Shamans prepare themselves to the big changes that are about to come. Have an idea how it sounds when Deep House Beats meet Andean Flutes? Here it is...and this is what they say about the story behind:

"Apolinar is the story of an Indian Shaman who is initiated by a spirit of the sacred lake,
he passes through many mystical experiences and learns the real meaning of plants and ancient medication."

This EP includes two awesome remixes by Daniel Klauser + Hat and Hoodie. You can download it for free here:

Matanza - Apolinar EP


Empresarios - Sabor Tropical Remixed EP 1 & 2

In January 2011 Fort Knox Recordings released the debut album by DC’s own Empresarios, entitled “Sabor Tropical.” The album received a great reception, getting great reviews from the press and fans alike. Now they are proud to present two Remix EP's full of great Remixes from “Sabor Tropical” by artists like All Good Funk Alliance, Thomas Blondet and Second Sky, Sabo, Zeb and Nickodemus.


Shanti Roots & Scheibosan - Clap your hands

Something new for the electro-swing and tech house lovers out there. Shanti Roots & Scheibosan based in vienna, austria, are back with a new EP under the name "Clap your Hands". The ep consists of four tunes (one is given away for free). The first track has given the name to the ep and exists in two versions, vocal version and dub version (free track of the package) and it is all about nu-swing sounds and grooves with fat tech house beats and huge baselines. The second track is another dance monster with blues and tech with old school 303 baseline and old school acid and techno concept sound. Flusensieb is the third track of this ep, another great example of their minimal tech house style with spaced xylofon, wicked soundz and a weird but good arrangement. Check this out on bandcamp.


Daniel Haaksman - Rambazamba

The debut album of Baile Funk pioneer Daniel Haaksman is out now. It's a 16 track release full of House Beats, Favela Funk, Balkan Beats and flavours from all over the world tuned for the dancefloor. Have a listen at the teaser on soundcloud, it's big stuff!


Fat Freddy's Drop - Pull The Catch Bootleg

Yeah, for the start of the week I've got a really special download recommendation for all of you, that like high quality Reggae, Dub, Hip-Hop and Soul music. This is a Bootleg version of the Fat Freddy's Drop hit "Pull The Catch" vs. Jay-Z and Mikki Dee. No more to say than go and get it...



N.O.H.A. - Die In The Process

Noise Of Human Art (N.O.H.A.) based in Cologne have just finished their 5th full length album called "Die In The Process". Again they produced a bunch of fresh drum'n'bass tracks mixed and spiced with some global grooves and the wonderful voice from singer Minerva known by the most of you from their last big hit "Tu Cafe". We hear the different musical backgrounds of the band members wich are reaching from spanish Flamenco music to Trip-Hop, Jazz, Drum'n'bass and Dupstep. What comes out is a good fusion of styles and atmospheres that is definitely worth listening. You can already have a listen to some teasers of the new material on soundcloud. Release is coming soon…


Rotfront - VisaFree

Rotfront, the crazy Emigranski Raggamuffin band, based in Berlin, Germany just finished their second full length album called VisaFree. The release is planned for the 29th of april but I already have found a teaser on soundcloud now. So have a listen and be prepared for some new powerful Vodka Tunes produced by Yuriy Gurzhy and his combo ;)


Lisandro Meza - Del Puente A La Alameda (Dengue Dengue Dengue! Remix)

Today I introduce to you a fresh project from Lima, Peru. Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira call themselfes Dengue Dengue Dengue! playing with ingredients of dub, techno, guaracha, dubstep, tribal, cumbia villera, cumbia colombiana and psychedelic cumbia from Perú. In this Remix I just explored on Soundcloud they took hands on a song by accordion maestro Lisandro Meza, giving this Cumbia a new Global Bass drive. Have a listen to what's goin' on in Peru…


The Electro Swing Revolution

I'm happy to introduce to you a new Electro Swing Compilation compiled by Gülbahar Kültür and DJ Globalution. It's called "The Electro Swing Revolution", a double CD, that gives the Electro Swing scene a great start into 2011. On the first CD, "Dance, dance, dance" you will find the latest hits and the absolute crackers of the new Swing-scene: Riva Starr, Kormac, Caro Emerald, Gramophonedzie, Jazzbit and the ingenious Movits from Sweden. The usual suspects, such as Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace and Tape Five, are also represented. The 2nd CD's entertaining selection of World Swing includes four previously unpublished pieces. So we find absolute classics like "Boum" of the French chansonnier Charles Trenet from the year 1937 and the unforgettable Swing-icon Fred Astaire, enchanting with its charming velvety voice in "Shall We Dance". As part of the Haferflocken Swingers, the young Berlin Trio Dirty Honkers is represented twice and is considered to be one of the most innovative interpreters of Swing. The British DJ, musician and producer Max Pashm plays his rousing instrumental "Fantasy". It's an "Electro-Swing" par excellence and a perfect dancefloor-filler, which is published for the first time on "The Electro Swing Revolution". This is a wonderful release for all you Electro Swingers out there !


Perfect Loosers Present - Akwaaba Remixed

A new release by Akwaaba Music and Perfect Loosers features the best Remix tracks of the young Akwaaba history. On this compilation some of the well known tropical artists like Hat+Hoodie, Diamond Bass, Sabbo and Schlachthofbronx has worked on Akwaaba music and it sounds good. You can get the release now on Akwaaba's bandcamp page.


Don Johnston - Run Of The Miller

Here's a nice and new Swing House Track produced by Alex (Don Johnston) from Exeter, UK. The Original samples in the "Run Of The Miller" are from Glenn Miller and his fantastic orchestra. Alex has put this track on Juno, where you can download it for free. So go and get it.


Minimatic - No Swinggity Remix

Minimatic, a producer from France, well known because of his great Prosschai Remix, has just released another good work called No Swinggity. It's a fresh Swing version of an old R&B tune from Blackstreet. Check it out on soundcloud.


Odjbox - Golden Ft. J5 & Haynes

I just explored a new Swing Hop tune produced by one half of the Fungle Brothers from Hatfield, UK. Ollie Johnson alias Odjbox with another happy swinging track from the golden age ;)


Paleface - Talonomistaja (DJ Svengali Baltik Bass Remix)

This time I like to introduce to you a DJ & Producer collective called Boom Shakalaka from Helsinki, Finland. These guys call their style Baltic Bass and it's a combination of big ragga- and breakbeats fused with northern folk melodies. Sounds great and very fresh !


Electro Swing Special (on BBC Radio 1's Rob da Bank show)

This is the first Electro Swing Special on BBC Radio 1. It's full of live acts and studio guests out of this wonderfull movement. Have a listen to what's going on in this bright scene of swing fusion. After this show it defenitely is the now Big thing in dance music !


Watcha Clan - Tangos Del Cachito

The Watcha Clan from Marseille has put a first preview song of the coming release on soundcloud. Have a listen to this electro/balkan/cumbia rework of an sephardic song. The album will be released on 18th March for Europe.