Barrio Lindo - Albura

Today I would like to recommend the new Barrio Lindo Album called "Albura" released April 6 on Shika Shika.
The 12 tracks on ALBURA take the listener on a deep and fresh journey into the contemporary sound of Latin American music, accompanied by organic electronica. In the midst of cumbias, sambas, carnavales and folkloric melodies, this record includes collaborations with indispensable referents of the new wave of South American producers who have crossed paths with Barrio Lindo: Jhon Montoya, Ela Minus, Lulacruza, Clara Trucco a.k.a. Wende Wen (Fémina/Weste) y Carrot Green. This album merges the two universes that coexist in Agustín Rivaldo: the role of producer and the role of a luthier dedicated to traditional South American instruments. In fact, the name ALBURA is a botanical nod to the youngest part of the wood of a tree, and where the most recent growth rings of the trunk are found, at the same time a vital part for luthiers. During the production process, Rivaldo recorded with instruments that he made himself: charangos, guitars, quenas and marimbas, among others.

My favourite track is "Otoño Primavera" feat. the great voice of Lulacruza.


Incontrol - Let's Fall in Love

Oh yeah, check out the brand new album by Incontrol. The founder of electro-swing.com and one of the pioneers of the Electro Swing scene finally drops his debut with a tasteful mix of Hip Hop beats and Vintage Sounds! Check this out ladies and gentlemen.

"A myriad of styles, in an exquisite Vintage mixing pot of Soul, Blues and Swing influenced Disco, Breaks and Hip Hop ! A holistic journey from beginning to end..."


El Búho - Ocean of Storms

This one from El Búho, straight out of Mexico City is a beautiful track for a relaxed sunday afternoon. Make a good cup of tea and enjoy the smooth atmosphere of "Ocean Of Storms". You can find this track on a new compilation from Shika Shika called "Mare Insularum" featuring 11 slow world influenced tracks by different artists.


Bonobo - No Reason (feat. Nick Murphy)

"No Reason featuring Nick Murphy" is the third track taken from Bonobo’s new album "Migration", released 13th January 2017 on Ninja Tune. The track features the beautiful vocals of Nick Murphy aka Chet Faker.

Electric Swing Circus - Empires (C@ In The H@ Remix)

Hi guys, this one is a nice Club Remix by C@ In The H@ of "Empires", the first single from the Electric Swing Circus 2nd album called "It Flew By".

 "The Electric Swing Circus is a 6-piece fusion of saucy 20′s swing and stomping electro beats. With an explosive sound that reverberates back through time, the ESC hotfoot their way through everything from breakbeat and house to reggae and dubstep, all with their own unique style of swing."

The full album has been released 16.01.2017 on Ragtime Records.


Caravan Palace - Black Betty

Such a great Electro Swing Cover by Caravan Palace of the all time classic "Black Betty"!

Boogie Belgique - Volta

"Every Time" is my favorite tune from the new Boogie Belgique Album called "Volta".
The belgian producer is one of the very few out there who manage to combine old swing samples and relaxed downbeats into a melancholic vintage soundscape. If you like Trip Hop with some influences of Swing and Jazz, this one is a must hear! Released 23 September 2016 on Cold Busted.