Minimatic - Contre Vous (j'men contrefous version)

Another free download for everybody. Oh, all these christmas gifts they sound so good to me. This time it's one by Minimatic, the french "electro-organic hopsoul swinghop mashedblues lowfunk beats"producer. Happy christmas for your ears!

Ancient Astronauts - Etnies & Switchstance Recordings Anniversary Compilation

Do you guys also like some smooth jazzy downbeats for the cold season? I do and that's why I just downloaded this free Compilation by Ancient Astronauts based in Cologne. These guys are on the ESL label, wich is the homebase of Thievery Corporation and guess what....this is exactly how the compilation sounds. Funky world sounds fused with Electronica and Hip Hop Beats. Have a listen and grab it for free!

Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass - Bittersweet Samba (Empresarios Dubplate Especial)"

Hey everybody, here's a great Vintage Samba Remix by Empresarios from Washington DC. If you like some sunny vibes, a nice horn section and a bit of Dub, check out this tune! You can get it for free on the Empresarios facebook page if you like ;-)


Cab Canavaral Remixed

Cab Canavaral, the swinging Sax Player from Vienna is back with a Remix Album full of Electro Swing. Beside the winners of a Remix Contest and two Cab Canavaral Originals, there are also previously unreleased Remixes by Skeewiff and Sound Nomaden on this one. Check out the preview on soundcloud now. It will be released in all major download stores on dec. 12th.


Kid Koala - 12 Bit Blues

Here's another HipHop Blues release, this time by a Ninja Tune artist called Kid Koala. Most of you guys probably know him pretty well right? So here's his turntable dedication to the Blues called "12 Bit Blues". This is a great bit of music ;-)


Kosta Kostov - French Wine

Here's the new EP by Cologne based Globetrotter Kosta Kostov. It's called "French Wine" and features the serbian mighty voice man MC Killo Killo and the party animals Cologne Boom Chak Crew. The two original tunes are remixed by some big names of the global beats scene, like Marcelinho da Lua (Vapa Records/Brasil), DJ Click (No Fridge/Paris) and DJ Lucio K (San Francisco). These are good basics for a party jam so check them out!!!

Swing Republic - Midnight Calling

Cheers everybody, I'm back after a little while with some new hot stuff. Summer break is over and the labels are dropping a lot of new releases again, so it's time to spread some of them. Midnight Calling is the follow-up to Swing Republic's well-respected and pioneering debut album Electro Swing Republic. This time around, producer Per Ebdrup is joined by singer and co-writer Karina Kappel for an album of originals. To me it feels like Swing Republic is going more into the pop direction with this album. It reminds me a bit of Caro Emerald because the focus is not anymore on the club but more on the radio. My favourite track is defenitely the "High Hat" with its beautiful trumpet solos, simply great! Have a listen to the Minimix on soundcloud to get a glimpse of what the album sounds like.


Cayetano - Once Sometime

Cayetano, based in Athens, Greece is a producer who breaks genre barriers with his seamless blend of electronic sounds with physical instruments and vocals. He has no interest in categorizing his music. His new album “Once Sometime” out on sept. 17th, is Cayetano's definitive exploration into freestyle, Trip Hop, Jazz, Dub, Breaks, Dubstep, Soul, Soul, Soul, Soul and back. It is flawless from the beginning to the end, without a single tiresome moment. It is addictive, but above all, it is carefree. In a world that is constantly pressing down, this music -- this philosophy -- is needed more than ever. This is definitely a release that will be played a lot at my home this winter. Thanx for the music!


Urban World Records Presents - Global Bass Vol. 3

Today I'm happy to inform you about the release of the compilation Gobal Bass Vol. 3. Brought to us by Urban World Records. It's available on vinyl and as digital release. This is what the head of the label Akwaaba Music, BBrave, says about it:

"Get your visas - you're bound for a global party For the third time, UrbanWorld Records has done an impeccable job at filtering the best, and sharing the absolute cream of the crop in this perfectly packaged compilation. With one foot in a Colombian picó, the other in a Frafra wedding celebration, and yet another set of limbs in grimy warehouses pounding with heavy bass, Global Bass Volume 3 will have your head traveling at a thousand miles per second, from Barranquilla to Copenhagen, Bolgatanga to Varna. The global music revolution is stomping ahead, and UrbanWorld will transport you onto this wild ride. These beats will leave no one immobile. You have been warned."
 BBrave - Akwaaba Music



Mexican Institute of Sound (M.I.S.) - Mexico

Here's another very interesting release for the Global Beats scene. Chusma Records is releasing the new single «Mexico» by Mexican Institute of Sound’s (M.I.S.). The single is from the highly-anticipated new album «Politico». The music video for «México» by MIS was directed by Jonas Cuaron (Children of Men), brother of Alfonso Cuaron (Y Tu Mama Tambien, Harry Potter), and takes place in Mexico City’s legendary El Zócalo during massive youth demonstrations. The controversial video features the youth protest movement #Soy132 which has recently mobilized in support of democratization of the Mexican media and political system. The album “Político” will be released october 14th on Chusma Records. Have a look at the video or check out the preview on soundcloud. It's defenitely worth listening!
Mexican Institute of Sound (M.I.S.) - Mexico Video


Swingrowers - "(Pronounced Swing Grow'ers)"

Here's another Electro Swing Debut, this time by the Swingrowers from Sicily. They come up with a full length album featuring a lot of guest musicians on 11 tracks full of swingish melodies. Again an interesting release by Brightons Nr. 1 label for Electro Swing, Freshly Squeezed. Have a listen to the Minimix on soundcloud if you're in for some Italian Nu Swing...

Slamboree - Big Bada Boomtown

I guess the most of you guys have heard about Boomtown Fair? This is one of the biggest and craziest festivals in the UK and this is the official hymn for this years events. Slamboree give it away for free on their soundcloud account. If you like a bit of Rave music spiced with some Gypsy flavours check this tune out!!!


Pilocka Krach - Wild Pete feat. I Don't Know His Name

Check out Pilocka Krach from Berlin. She is a real crazy Techno girl. This is the happiest tune I've heard for a while, simply love it :-)


Berlinskibeat - Gassenhauer

Berlinskibeat from Berlin has just released their debut album "Gassenhauer", produced by Moses Schneider with a Bonus Remix by Balkan Beats DJ Robert Soko. Finally a new release in the Balkan section that will find its way on the dancefloors for shure ;-) check it out!


Peggy Lee - Fever (Stavroz Remix)

Peggy Lee's Fever in a fresh and smooth Remix by Stavroz from Ghent, Belgium. Grab it for free!


Minimatic - "Practise Your Swing!"

Today I would like to introduce to you the new EP by french based producer Minimatic. "Practise Your Swing!" is his first full electro swing/blues release, featuring 5 shaking electro-swing-hop-blues tracks, taking some past & forgotten gems from the swing era to a new level of electricity !
Official release date is 29th June but you can already have a listen to the previews on soundcloud now.


Kočani FUNKolektiv - Dirty and Ugly - Balkan Vision & Mashina Remixes

Last but not least, I want to let you know about a new Balkan Beats release from Berlin. BalkanVision & Mashina had the honor to remix the Kolektiv from this little town in Macedonia, where many of the best brass players originate. Kocani FUNKolektiv is some of the younger musicians from the widely known Kocani Orchestar, who decided to form a new group to make more contemporary music. This is how they came to work with musicians from other genres to enrich their melodic brass with elements including turntables or beatboxing. There's no-one better to remix such a troupe then BalkanVision & Mashina, who also bust out of straightjacketed styles to mix it up and create something new. Enjoy !

Jamie Berry - Out Of My Mind

And another Swing House banger from the UK is coming from Jamie Berry, based in Leeds. His EP is called "Out Of My Mind" and combines the big band swing of the 30's with the club beats of today. Big recommendation for this one!

GOT K.D.S feat. CRYSTAL DISTORTION - SWANG! (Shake That Thing)

Here we go with one of the swingin' summer tracks for 2012. SWANG! (Shake That Thing) from GOT K.D.S feat. CRYSTAL DISTORTION is a dancefloor track per excellence. This is what the label Freshly Squeezed says about the release: "The record has all the feel-good hallmarks of a wicked electro swing cut but with the tight fat production of a house banger and the instantaneous immediacy of the best kind of pop." We'll see, if it hits the festivals and clubs of the world this summer. I'll definitely give it a spin ;-)


Adham Shaikh - Refractions Vol. 1 - Universal Frequencies Remixes

Here's a preview for the new Adham Shaikh Remix album called Refractions Vol. 1. Beside artists like Bluetech, Nickodemus, David Starfire, Adham Shaikh, Matt the Alien, Jpod the Beat Chef, Timothy Wisdom, Squaoid, and Tarun Nayar of Delhi2Dublin this release also features a Sound Nomaden Remix. I'm very proud to be part of this album, reaching from genres like Oriental, Dub, Balkan and Reggae to Electronica, Dubstep and Techbeats. If you like a fusion of styles check out this release, wich will be out on sonicturtle april 20th and all other shops on may 20th!


Parov Stelar - Jimmy's Gang

Here's the first single of the upcoming album by Electro Swing pioneer Parov Stelar. I heard the track "Jimmy's Gang" first on the Parov Stelar Band concert in germany 2 weeks ago. And yeah mates, this is a wonderful tune again! Check out the awesome video as well.


Lazlo - Lazlo

Today I'm happy to introduce to you a french Electro Swing producer called Lazlo. His first full length album was just released last week and it is one of the best I heard for a while. If you're into Electro Swing you might already know his track "Busy Line" from the compilation Electro Swing IV. The album is full of tunes like this, where old trumpet and clarinet samples meet 4/4 Beats and heavy basslines. This is truly Electro Swing how it is supposed to be for the dancefloor. Only thing that is missing by time to time, in my opinion, is a swingin' voice ;-)


Blend Mishkin - Mama Proud Riddim Remixed

And another free download, this time a full Remix album by Blend Mishkin. It's featuring Dubstep, Dub and Reggae Remixes by Turntable Dubbers, Dirty Dubsters, Palov, Balkan's Hi-Fi and many more. This one is really worth checkin' out if you like dubby bass music!


Chief Boima - African In New York

Here's a new release for all you guys that like African House, Coupe Decale, Cumbia, Kuduro, and Champeta. Chief Boima is a Sierra Leonean-American DJ/producer born in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and raised in the World. His 'African In New York' is full of club ready African remixes honed during his global travels as a DJ and producer. My favourites on this release are the title song "African In New York", "Sina Makossa" produced with Uproot Andy and his official rework of virtuosic Sierra Leonean blind thumb piano player Sorie Kondi's "Without Money No Family." In my opinion the song "Last Night Of Your Life" really doesn't fit on this EP, it's a bad dance song, so it's not really worth listening. Nevertheless the other tunes are quite unique, so have a listen!


NaurÊa - Furdunço

I just explored this new release from a band called NaurÊa based in aracaju, brazil. The music they play is called sambaiao, an energetic sound with akkordeon, tropical guitar riffs and samba grooves. The EP features three original tracks as well as three Remixes by famous brazilian Dj's Dolores, Lucio K and Kaska, giving their tunes a bass and breakbeat flavour. You can grab the tracks for free on soundcloud!


KKC Orchestra - Dig Your Own Swing

Today I want to introduce to you the KKC Orchestra based in Toulouse/Cahors, France. These guys are playing a great mixture of Hip Hop, Swing, Breaks and Turntableism. Their new EP is called "Dig your own swing" and is really sth. fresh and new in the growing Electro Swing scene. Have a listen to the album teaser on soundcloud and get infected!


Cyril Noir - Black Kat Kingdom EP

Here is another EP focussed on the fusion of Swing, House and Dubstep. This time it's coming out of the States, where San Francisco based producer and DJ Cyril Noir is pushing the Electro Swing scene. Some nice tunes on here ;-)