Kočani FUNKolektiv - Dirty and Ugly - Balkan Vision & Mashina Remixes

Last but not least, I want to let you know about a new Balkan Beats release from Berlin. BalkanVision & Mashina had the honor to remix the Kolektiv from this little town in Macedonia, where many of the best brass players originate. Kocani FUNKolektiv is some of the younger musicians from the widely known Kocani Orchestar, who decided to form a new group to make more contemporary music. This is how they came to work with musicians from other genres to enrich their melodic brass with elements including turntables or beatboxing. There's no-one better to remix such a troupe then BalkanVision & Mashina, who also bust out of straightjacketed styles to mix it up and create something new. Enjoy !