Frohlocker - Malaga La-La-La

Something new from the Frohlocker crew. Have a listen to this beautiful edit of Malaga's track La-La-La. For me it's one of the hottest tunes I've listened to in the last month.


Dirty Honkers - Death By Swing

The Dirty Honkers, a crazy Electro Swing Combo from Berlin just released their first full length album called "Death By Swing".The multi-national crew combines elements of electronics with swing, topping it all off with raps, sexy vocals and uplifting big band melodies. The outcome is an explosive and authentic sound." Here you can listen to a few songs of the new material.


Village Kollektiv - Romani Ćhaj ft. Caci Vorba

A fresh Gypsytrack from Warsaw, Poland. The Village Kollektiv is back and brings some nice flavours to the Balkan scene. Check out this dubby tune.


La Cherga - Remix EP

La Cherga has released a new Remix EP with some great interpretations of tracks from their latest full length album. Here you can listen to my favourite Remix from Balkantronika.

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