DIO S - Byzantine Call/Deisis

This is the new Shango Records single "Byzantine Call/Deisis" by Dio S that comes with gentle remixes by the likes of Seldjan Dervish, Slow Nomaden and Beyhude. Let the beauty of this music take over your entire senses.

This is what the artist/label says about the release:

After everything had quietly sifted through my head a great peace came over me. Here, where the river gently winds through the girdle of hills, lies a soil so saturated with the past that however far back the mind roams one can never detach it from its human background. Before my eyes shimmered such a golden peace that only a neurotic could dream of turning his head away. So quietly flows the water that one hardly notices its presence. It is always there, quiet and unobtrusive, like a great artery running through the human body. In the wonderful peace that fell over me it seemed as if I had climbed to the top of a high mountain: for a little while I would be able to look around me, to take in the meaning of the landscape. Human beings make a strange fauna and flora. From a distance they appear negligible, close up they are apt to appear ugly and malicious. More than anything they need to be surrounded with sufficient space-space even more than time. The sun is setting. I feel this river flowing through meets past, its ancient soil, the changing climate. The hills gently girdle it about, its course is fixed.


Muito Kaballa - Everything Is Broke

Today I would like to recommend you the upcoming Muito Kaballa Album "Everything Is Broke" that will be out 10.05.2019 on Switchstance Recordings.

Labelled a world music artist, Muito Kaballa offers grooves of an Afrobeat persuasion, refracted through the restless energy of punk; kindred spirits Ebo Taylor and Fela Kuti, legends of African highlife music, impress upon his work indelibly. Such musicianship has produced a pleasing cacophony in Everything is Broke, Kaballa's debut album, which takes in his usual influences of street funk, jazz, Afrobeat and just the slightest etchings of hip-hop. Edging out even further in his experiments this time, the artist now explores the nervous, juddering energy of New Orleans inspired pop, running freely the course of the album with the sensual sounds of the city's Latin Quarter.

 Built on the back of improvisation, Kaballa's music employs an on-the-pulse approach in style, where, for every measured arrangement, there is the sense of using every rudiment skill on hand. Essentially a one-man band, Kaballa is as adroit with the various live instruments he plays as he is with the electronic sequencers he uses to loop his grooves. He ensures there are surprises at every turn and his experience playing to crowds on the hustling and bustling streets of Cologne has taught him such ingenuity.

 Sweet jams like 'Quasi' bristle with Dixieland funk and salsa rhythms while a searching, Moog-rippled number like 'Tin Tin' riff smartly with jump-start drums. The Brazilian notes on the chunky 'Lugor Ao Sol' are underpinned by an Afrobeat sway, and the lambent, twilit 'The Easy Way' opens the album as softly and warmly as the coastal waters that surely inspired it. At turns elegant and rough-hewn, these eight ventures into a textured and multifarious pop are very much rooted in the street culture it was born from; the sly, punkish element that runs through Kaballa's work is still firmly in place here. And, yet, Everything is Broke dreams of cities far beyond the ones the listener could ever hope to know. It is the sound of the hustling and bustling of people everywhere, making their way across a traffic-congested city to a dream of elsewhere...


Slow Nomaden - Journey

I’m very proud and happy to release my first Slow Nomaden full length Album „Journey“ on 15.03.2019. The 13 tracks represent different chapters on a fictive journey that draws inspiration from different cultures and music genres. Downtempo, Electronica and Deep House mixed with exotic sounds and instruments, following the path of a multicultural fusion without borders.

"Welcome To The Journey" serves as an Intro to more than an hour of music to listen, dream and dance to, while escaping your stressful everyday life. Tropical sounds and beautiful melodies guide your way to the energizing offbeat vibe of “La Niña“. “Tranquilo“ continues with the slow beats and the tropical flavours but adds some trippy pads and arpeggios. "Palmas“ is characterized by flamenco sounds and rythms combined with electronic elements, slow 4/4 beats and a heavy bassline. Tabla grooves and Sitar melodies fuse with cool downtempo grooves on „Space Sitar“. "Sun" sounds like an oriental trip into the desert, where the sun can be a blessing or a curse. Expect an electronic downtempo vibe driven by a deep percussion groove, 4/4 beats and an infectious Oud riff. The mystical atmosphere of "Mountain Spirits" with its drone sounds and oriental deep house beats is intensified through its melancholic duduk melodies and piano chords. "Hang Loose" combines instruments and sounds from the Bosporus with a deep and pumping electronic beat to build a bridge between sounds from Asia and Europe. "Shadows” is a deep Afro House track that is driven by a massive bass line and a Darbuka groove. Mysterious synth pads and arpeggios remind us on the shadow side of the journey. On “Magic Carpet” Slow Nomaden delivers an epic 7 minute Electronica track inspired by the fairy tales of One Thousand and One Nights. Carried by a warm percussion groove, phasing pads and deep 4/4 beats the track fuses oriental vibes with organic electronic sounds to create a dreamy melodic trip. After some more upbeat tracks “Moon” slows it down again with a deep meditative groove. “Seed“ lets us imagine warm organic sounds, that sprout out of the ground like different leaves, to build a new musical organism. On the last chapter of the journey “Illusion”, Slow Nomaden creates a melancholic downtempo track that includes some unexpected breaks, which reflect those illusions we are all facing from time to time in life. Expect organic grooves, electronic string sounds, slow 4/4 beats, piano chords and an other-worldly voice.


Rapossa - Matches

The debut album "Matches" from Rapossa features nine Downtempo tracks that mix tarantino style guitar riffs, slow beats, groovy percussions and deep bass lines. File under Slow House, Keta Pop, Organica ;-) I like it!

Here you can listen to the first Single My Rock-N-Roll.

Khruangbin - Con Todo El Mundo

Khruangbin's "Con Todo El Mundo" was the perfect chill Album of 2018 for me. I've listened to these tracks, that sound like a big jam session, dozens of times and they never get boring. For me these tunes are pure feel good music.

 Here's some background on the Band:

Globetrotting Texan trio Khruangbin present their second album ‘Con Todo El Mundo’. Formed of Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald “DJ” Johnson on drums; Khruangbin’s sounds are rooted in the deepest waters of world music infused with classic soul, dub and psychedelia. Their 2015 debut album ‘The Universe Smiles Upon You’ was heavily influenced by 60’s and 70’s Thai cassettes the band listened to on their long car journeys to rehearsal in the Texan countryside. ‘Con Todo El Mundo’ takes inspiration not just from South East Asia but similarly underdiscovered funk and soul of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, particularly Iran.


Tunnelvisions - The Celestial Ritual

Hi everybody, new year, new resolutions and time to reactivate my Blog again. There has been a lot of exciting new releases in the past year, so I'll try to present some of my favorites here. First of all I would like to recommend to you the 2nd Tunnelvisions Album called "The Celestial Ritual". The two guys from Netherlands manage to mix 80's synth sounds, Afro House Rhythms and Deep 4/4 beats with unique Vocals to create their very own special style.

Here is what the Label Atomnation says about the Album:

The long awaited 2nd album from Tunnelvisions is out now! The album is chopped up into four 12-inch records – Ritual I, II, III, and IV. The album's theme tells of a story told long ago, in a land far away, where there lived 11 chiefs, each named after a corresponding constellation: Mbosa, Nalulu, Ottokar, Imaja, Khan, Kudja, Rafaka, Xoji, Oishi, Mosu and Umai. Each year as the trees lost their leaves and the days got shorter, the chiefs came together to perform a sacred ritual. In this ritual, they honored the gods with their gifts and celebrated the new year to come.

Rafaka's Song is my personal favorite. You can check it out on soundcloud and build your own opinion.


Be Svendsen - Between a Smile and a Tear

Today I would like to recommend to you Be Svendsen's amazing debutalbum "Between a Smile and a Tear".

The in demand Copenhagen DJ releases his first full length album of ‘Tarantino Techno’.

Known and acclaimed for his sets at Fusion, Burning Man as well as relentless touring and for his singles on Crosstown Rebels and All Day I Dream. Percussive grooves and atmospheric key chops set the scene for a car-chase california beach style. Wood organic synths play out gentle grooves, thwacka thwacka bass slapbacks to it’s happy place while phazered solemn vocals play over the top. A sultry lady and a moody man sing hypnotic vocals lines and merge into the sounds.

I love the track "Le Piroguier" that is actually a Remix from an original track by Henri Texier.


Chancha Via Circuito - Bienaventuranza

Chancha Via Circuito's "Bienaventuranza" was one of my favorite Albums of 2018 for sure.

The Buenos Aires native named Pedro Canale again creates a great mix of Andean Instruments, folkloristic elements and electronic beats.

Here is what the Label says about the Release:

Appearing on the album are heavy hitters in the digital cumbia scene, including Mateo Kingman, Kaleema, and Lido Pimienta, all of whom contribute their highly distinguishable sounds to the natural flow of the album. Most of these collaborations came about almost effortlessly. La Victoria is a track that blends cumbia, dancehall, and a bit of mysticism- carried by Lido Pimienta's luminous voice, Colombian Dancehall wizard Manu Ranks happened to be in town and slipped into the song naturally. Kawa Kawa came from an improv jam during rehearsal one day with Kaleema (Heidi Lewandowski) and Federico Estevez (percussionist in Chancha Via Circuito). Niño Hermoso, which is lyrically a fable, sounds the way it does because Pedro saw a video of Gianluz (Gianluca Zonzini), who he knows from dance classes, singing a Pocahontas song on Youtube.

As dancefloor-friendly as it is mystical, Bienaventuranza is as Chancha as it gets- with elements from Cumbia to Dancehall to Andean Folk to Global house, crystal clear production, and collaborations that are evidently natural and genuine, the record holds true to the sound that Canale has played such a huge part in creating. Since the release of his last album, the digital folk scene has also grown exponentially. From a new generation of producers to more listeners in unassuming parts of the globe, Pedro has been humbled to see the sound develop- and proves with this album that he's grown swiftly alongside it.

Best track on the Album for me is "Ilaló (Ft. Mateo Kingman)". You can have a listen on soundcloud.     


Zuma Dionys - Yuddhapot

Today I would like to introduce to you the Yuddhapot EP by Zuma Dionys. The EP released on the California based Label Pipe & Pochet, includes 3 deep Downtempo tracks titled "Yuddhapot", "As Time Goes By" and "Calatore Spre Nicalori" plus a free bonus track called "Keep on Moving". "As Time Goes By" is for sure one of my favorite Downtempo tracks of 2018 so check it out!


Monolink - Amniotic

On his first Album "Amniotic" Monolink creates a beautiful fusion of his Singer Songwriter origin with modern deep Electronic Music. This Album is pure bliss!


Barrio Lindo - Albura

Today I would like to recommend the new Barrio Lindo Album called "Albura" released April 6 on Shika Shika.
The 12 tracks on ALBURA take the listener on a deep and fresh journey into the contemporary sound of Latin American music, accompanied by organic electronica. In the midst of cumbias, sambas, carnavales and folkloric melodies, this record includes collaborations with indispensable referents of the new wave of South American producers who have crossed paths with Barrio Lindo: Jhon Montoya, Ela Minus, Lulacruza, Clara Trucco a.k.a. Wende Wen (Fémina/Weste) y Carrot Green. This album merges the two universes that coexist in Agustín Rivaldo: the role of producer and the role of a luthier dedicated to traditional South American instruments. In fact, the name ALBURA is a botanical nod to the youngest part of the wood of a tree, and where the most recent growth rings of the trunk are found, at the same time a vital part for luthiers. During the production process, Rivaldo recorded with instruments that he made himself: charangos, guitars, quenas and marimbas, among others.

My favourite track is "Otoño Primavera" feat. the great voice of Lulacruza.


Incontrol - Let's Fall in Love

Oh yeah, check out the brand new album by Incontrol. The founder of electro-swing.com and one of the pioneers of the Electro Swing scene finally drops his debut with a tasteful mix of Hip Hop beats and Vintage Sounds! Check this out ladies and gentlemen.

"A myriad of styles, in an exquisite Vintage mixing pot of Soul, Blues and Swing influenced Disco, Breaks and Hip Hop ! A holistic journey from beginning to end..."


El Búho - Ocean of Storms

This one from El Búho, straight out of Mexico City is a beautiful track for a relaxed sunday afternoon. Make a good cup of tea and enjoy the smooth atmosphere of "Ocean Of Storms". You can find this track on a new compilation from Shika Shika called "Mare Insularum" featuring 11 slow world influenced tracks by different artists.


Bonobo - No Reason (feat. Nick Murphy)

"No Reason featuring Nick Murphy" is the third track taken from Bonobo’s new album "Migration", released 13th January 2017 on Ninja Tune. The track features the beautiful vocals of Nick Murphy aka Chet Faker.

Electric Swing Circus - Empires (C@ In The H@ Remix)

Hi guys, this one is a nice Club Remix by C@ In The H@ of "Empires", the first single from the Electric Swing Circus 2nd album called "It Flew By".

 "The Electric Swing Circus is a 6-piece fusion of saucy 20′s swing and stomping electro beats. With an explosive sound that reverberates back through time, the ESC hotfoot their way through everything from breakbeat and house to reggae and dubstep, all with their own unique style of swing."

The full album has been released 16.01.2017 on Ragtime Records.


Caravan Palace - Black Betty

Such a great Electro Swing Cover by Caravan Palace of the all time classic "Black Betty"!

Boogie Belgique - Volta

"Every Time" is my favorite tune from the new Boogie Belgique Album called "Volta".
The belgian producer is one of the very few out there who manage to combine old swing samples and relaxed downbeats into a melancholic vintage soundscape. If you like Trip Hop with some influences of Swing and Jazz, this one is a must hear! Released 23 September 2016 on Cold Busted.


The Blue Square - Mama feat. Esterina

Athens-based, The Blue Square is a project of Radim and Radical, two producers exploring the boundaries between hip-hop (mainly instrumental), trip-hop and nu-jazz. With Wax Tailor, Bonobo and Flying Lotus among their favorite artists, they started their career six years ago investigating their own sound equally inspired by the atmosphere of film noir, exotica and spy movies of the past. The debut album "The Blue Square" is out now including the beautiful swingy Downbeat track called "Mama" that features vocals of Esterina.


Susheela Raman - Trust In Me (Be Svendsen Edit)

Very nice Edit of Susheela Raman's fantastic cover of Disney's The Jungle Book song "trust In Me" by Be Svendsen.


Weval - Weval

The debut album of the duo Weval, based in Amsterdam is one of the most surprising electronic releases of 2016. These young guys created a great mix of slightly detuned vintage synths, indie vocals and rolling drum beats. To get an impression of their sound you can have a listen to "The Battle" here on soundcloud.