Dr Cat & Dj Pony feat. Deladap - Ali Baba EP

Today the guys of the label greenqueenmusic send me the promo for this great new EP, called Ali Baba. Dr Cat and Pony Montana (co-founder of Feel Good Productions) are joined on Ali Baba by the Vienna based DJ, producer and musician Stani Vana, frontman of !Deladap. The five top remixes are handled by The Italian based DJ Castello and Crystal Juice, Colombian Guinness World Record remixer Tavo and Italian DJ Phatiz. I'm shure everybody who likes Balkanbeats and E-Swing will love this tracks.
You can already check out the teaser on soundcloud before the release is in stores from 19th Feb.

Dr Cat and Dj pony feat Deladap - remix set - teaser by greenqueenmusic