Dubtrak - Rapture

Wanna try some Global Dub music? Here it is. Dubtrak's 2nd full-length release, "Rapture", has been released on July 26th by the Toronto-based label Renegade Records. Richard Lisaj alias Dubtrak, grew up in Poland and settled over to Canada in the 90's. With Rapture he ventures deep into Global Beat Fusion territory. While the music is grounded with groovy electronica beats and dubby basslines, Dubtrak goes beyond reggae-influenced vibes and departs for a globe crossing adventure. This outer journey touches down on all continents. Classical Indian sounds, Middle Eastern and North African rhythms, Australian Aboriginal instruments and Native North American chants are found all over this album. Check some of the new tracks on soundcloud if you wanna join his global dub journey!

Calling by Dubtrak

Dancing with my Guru by Dubtrak