Copia Doble Systema - Revolucion EP

Today I introduce to you the second EP of Copia Doble Systema, one of the leading forces in Viking cumbia ;) This is what their label UrbanWorld Records says about the new release, wich will be in digital stores 2nd of June:

"On their second EP Copia Doble Systema included three great cumbia tracks, One Day, Revolution is inspired by dub-step and downbeat electronica and gets reworked by the amazing Schlachthofbronx into a more dub than step dancefloor wobble. The second track, Made In China, is a real Viking cumbia; with Danish vocals and a revolutionary theme not to buy more than you need, the reworks by Toy Selectah and Julius Sylvest are heavyweight dance floor food. The third tune, Mundo Militar, is so fresh that it actually just made it out of the Copia Doble Systema studio in time for the release. Enjoy this for the summer."

Copia Doble Systema - Revolucion EP by UrbanWorld Records